Antiques, Architectural pieces of the past in Comfort, Texas. This unique business features architectural salvage that includes old doors1, ornate iron, ironworks, woodworks, and wood works for the home and garden. Vintage reclaimed lumber - old doors found in Mexico. Doors
Here are a few of our reclaimed doors we have available. We have salvaged doors from across the USA and some from Europe. We also source our doors from various places in Mexico and Teak doors from India. Call us (512-784-8246) if we can locate doors for your project.

You can email, or call, us to let us know what you are looking for.

2 double arch entry door 114034

2 matching screen doors

2 pair of doors from fance with fabulous color

2 pair of matching french bi-fold shutters

2 pane tall french doors

4 pane peely paint door

4 panel door 1038

4 panel door 10411

4 panel door 10412

4 panel door 10414

4 panel door 10423

4 panel door 102827

4 panel door 102844

4 panel door blue 102807

4 panel door blue peely paint 102732

20 pane european door

beautiful arch door from france

door tophalf window

french door pair

great set of double doors

great door

great pair of pine pocket doors with hardware

pair of sidelights

set of tall french shutters

single pane oak door 10342

single door great color

single pane oak door 10343

tall pine door 114331

teak arched door 103449

teak arched window or door 103348

teak door 12 pane 10324

teak door 21 pane natural x 934

teak door arched 6 panel blue

teak door arched dark natural with ornate trim

teak door arched natural

teak door natural 6 panes

teak door set 6 panel xr292

teak door set 12 pane with arched top windows

teak door set 16 pane _xr294

teak door set arched with carving

teak door set carved 102711

teak gate set 10318

teak gate set 10323

teak gate set 90040

teak gate set 102604

teak gate set 103959

teak gate set 104012

teak gate set small 10322

teak gate set wide 2 available 10253

teak gates cb 11823

teak gates cb 11836

teak gates set 10326

teak gates set 10336
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NOTICE: The purpose of this site is to offer a general perspective of the kind of merchandise we generally carry. As our inventory constantly changes, any item shown may not be available. Thank you.